Avatar: The Last Airbender S1

Avatar: The Last Airbender S1

One of the highlights of our work was the creation of the arctic environment in the opening episode. This is iconic scenery in the original animé and we were thrilled by the challenge bringing it to life for this adaptation.

Arctic environments are filled with large scale organic details and complex shapes which makes it difficult and time consuming to replicate with traditional modelling, texturing or procedural methods. Our quest for authenticity and innovation led us to an expedition to Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago, with the mission to capture the raw beauty of this arctic environment. We partnered up the incredible team at Ivar Studios, known for their expertise in scanning vast environments and aerial photography. By using drones and high-resolution 360 photography we captured thousands of images and videos of glaciers, icebergs, mountain scapes which we then turned into assets.

This expedition provided us with a wealth of raw materials, capturing the untouched essence of nature. Back at our studio, our talented artists used the references and transformed these assets as well as created a huge library of custom assets in order to create the breathtaking final scenes that viewers see on screen.

Besides the extensive environment, and FX work we did, we took special pride in tackling another unique challenge—the creation of the series’ prologue.

Many of our artists are avid fans of the show, which fueled their passion and dedication to this project. The prologue serves as a homage to the original animated series, blending a meticulous attention to detail with a hyper-realistic approach.

We used a wide range of techniques for this sequence from motion capture of real world martial arts performances to cell animation in order to efficiently explore and block out all intricate FX work. Operating in a fully digital context enabled our artists full control of the entire process which was crucial to shape the seamless flow between scenes. This prologue not only honours the legacy of the beloved show but also showcases our capabilities in creating compelling fully digital visual narratives.

Project credits

VFX Supervisor: Niklas Jacobson
Executive Producer: Måns Björklund

Producer: Claudia Glod
Production Manager: Theresa Neumann, Chelsea Mirus, Jana Messarosch
Coordinator: Eniko Bara, Fredrika Karlsson, Marvin Stratmann, Nickoel Izharudin, Oliver Proud, Pia Josephson

CG Supervisor: Linus Gustafsson, Timmy Lundin
Sequence Supervisor: Daniel Jahnel, Marko Ljubez
Animation Supervisor: Fredrik Jalker
Build Supervisor: Johan Gabrielsson
Comp Supervisor: Liz Lyons
FX Supervisor: Mattias Engström
Light Supervisor: Kenny Vähäkari
Prep Supervisor: Biljana Temelkova

Aaron Hunwick
Aatos Koutonen
Adrian Tsang
Aleksander Lundqvist
Alexander Scherffig
Alvaro Cajal
Andreas Frickinger
Andreas Hansen
Andreas Krieg
Andrej Blom
Anna-Maria Wer
Anton Stattin
Aswin Aerden
August Eikseth
Basilisa Canovas Rubio
Benjamin Bernon
Benjamin Philippovich
Birgit Randby Kristensen
Bobo Skipper
Bradley Jordan
Charles Guerton
Charlie Raud
Chris McConnachie
Corbin Mayne
Cyrielle Guillermin
Daniel Rodrigues das Neves
David Allan
David Fernandez
David Sohr
David Visone
Dominic Tiedeken
Douglas Grönborg
Douglas Roshamn
Elias Atto
Elias Willnat
Elin Ek Mälman
Elliott Broutin
Emilia Klausen
Emil Pfeifer
Emma Hildestrand
Erik Johansson
Erik Lundborg
Erik Tylberg
Esther Engel
Federica Foresti
Federico Vassanelli
Fiona Dromard
Francois Brugalieres
Fredrik Lönn
Gabor Pulai
Guillaume Duparchy
Gustav Brix Toro
Hakon Loberg
Hamed Bank
Hampus Eriksson
Hector Fernandez
Heike Kluger
Hugo Medda
Jannes Kreyenberg
Jason Martin
Jed Fisher
Jens Lindgren
Jens Schneider
Jens Tenland
Johanna Herrmann
Johannes Masanz
Jona Maluck
Jose Zea Nombela
Josh Parks
Joshua Mutter
Karim Eich
Kathya Dahlbeck
Ken Hoffmann
Kim Lindqvist
Konstantinos Panagiotopoulos
Kristian Ström
Lena Belmonte
Leo Cohen
Leopold Prengere
Leo Pritchard
Linus Lindblom
Lisa Vogt
Liv Ståhl Malmström
Loka Vegborn
Luca Veronese
Lukas Fabian
Lukas Schwabe
Marcus Ruhmke
Margot De Smet
Martin Eneroth
Martin Joas
Martin Usandizaga
Mattias Sandelius
Maxime Guitet
Melina Tancheva Cvetanoska
Miguel Garcao
Miguel Macaya Ten
Mirco Paolini
Nicklas Andersson
Nicolas Pellkofer
Niklas Asmus
Niklas Nyqvist
Niklas Wallen
Niklas Wånggren
Niko Junge
Nils Lemonnier
Nils Nolte
Nils Ruisch
Nora Hansenberger
Oliver Spindler
Onur Tumer
Pål Sletsjoe
Patricia Escribano
Patrik Wedinger
Patrik Windahl
Pehlivan Ivanov
Peter Marin
Petter Gustafson
Petur Arnorsson
Pierre Burgoni
Pietro Coco
Ragnar Grudd
Richard Thorsson
Robert Kleinstueck
Rodions Jepejev
Ruben Arenas
Samy Tissier
Sandor Peto
Sara Grönberg
Sigri de Vries
Silke Finger
Simon Bergstrand
Simon Decombel
Stanislas Vincent
Stefan Kleindienst
Sven Ahlström
Sven Schönmann
Sverker Nordqvist
Teodor Dimitrov
Terence Farlot
Theodor Vinlöf Nylén
Thomas Müller-Lundberg
Thor Ivar Helgesen
Thure Koch
Timo Sikharulidze
Tom Balogh
Tucker Cullinan
Valentin Soulard
Valter Svenstedt
Victor Kirsch
Victor Sanchez
Viktor Andersson
Will Elsdale
Zarko Kitanovic