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HBO  –  Westworld

HBO – Westworld

We were given the exciting opportunity to do some epic work on the first season of HBO's Westworld, one of the most anticipated tv series of 2016. Westworld is a science fiction western thriller show, based on the 1973 film of the same name. Shot production started in early February 2016 and in October we had finished 64 shots, spread across all of the episodes except two.

Aside from the challenge of creating steam trains and hyper modern train stations, one of the most fun and demanding tasks was to do face replacements for the shots with Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins) in his younger days. Our starting point was a scan of Anthony Hopkins in present day and the mission was to make him look around 40 years younger and replace the head of a stand-in actor for Dr. Ford. 

One of the most fun and challenging tasks was to do face replacements for the shots with Dr. Ford (Anthony Hopkins) in his younger days. Our starting point was a scan of Anthony Hopkins in present day and the mission was to make him look around 40 years younger and replace the head of a stand-in actor for Dr. Ford.

Another cool sequence we contributed to was the Robot Boy in episode 6. The effect was opening up the boy’s face to reveal his robotic skull. We made a digital version of the boy and modeled the skull, and as the face opens up, we transition to a full CG render of the whole head.

In the last episode, we worked on the opening sequence when we see the skeletal structure and inner parts of Dolores. Apart from building and animating her mechanical body we also created her skin from the neck down (the first shot in the sequence has a practical skin prop, the other shots the skin flap was done in CG).

Read the full story of our work on Autodesk's website, told by ILP's inhouse VFX Supervisor Bobo Skipper.

We are very excited to see where season two will take us!


VFX Company
Important Looking Pirates
VFX Executive Producer
Måns Björklund
VFX Producer
Jan Cafourek, Manuela Cripps
VFX Coordinator
Mikael Schärström, Lania Sitepu
VFX Supervisor
Bobo Skipper
Animation Supervisor
Nicklas Andersson
Lead Compositor
Jens Tenland, Björn Jankes
Lead Lighting TD
Andreas Weidman, Saleh Najib, Richard Thorsson
Lead Creature TD
Gustav Ahren
3D Artists
Jonathan Vårdstedt, Mikael Boman, Mats Torstensson, Jonas Bergholm, Saleh Najib, Kristian Pedersen, Per Bergstén, Robin Perdén, Erik Johansson, Patrik Wedinger, Elin Lavén, Andrej Blom.
Martin Eneroth Johansson, Simon Decombel, Andres Bonelli, Fredrik Bengtsson, Björn Sjöberg.
Compositing Artists
Crawford Reilly, David Visone, Biljana Temelkova, Niklas Nyqvist, Viktor Andersson, Mikael Pettersson, Alessio Bertotti, Richard Sällqvist, Martin Pedreira.

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