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So, you want to become a pirate?
If you would like to work in a highly creative environment with some of the most passionate people in the industry you’ve come to the right place!

Pirate application

Please add your details in the web form and attach your CV on this page.

We are always interested in hearing from talented people and although we do not have positions open at all times we are happy to keep your contact information for future reference. Please do not hesitate to send us your work and CV.

Aspiring employees

If you are the perfect match for one of our staff listings (listed on the right on this page) or you feel that you really belong at Important Looking Pirates because you can contribute with knowledge that will blow our mind – we want to hear from you!


Important Looking Pirates frequently employ the services of freelancers for both short and long term projects. If no work is available we will keep your contact information for future reference.

All freelancers please note:

You must be able to invoice us through either:

1. Your own VAT registered company based in the country where you are paying tax
2. An external VAT registered umbrella company based in the country where you are paying private tax. For Swedish freelancers we recommend using a company such as Frilans Finans,


Important Looking Pirates currently take on two to four interns per year. We will review all applications and contact you if we feel that you have the makings of a pirate. 

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